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XsPDFDoc.DocumentObjectModel.Tables Namespace
Public classCell
Represents a cell of a table.
Public classCells
Represents the collection of all cells of a row.
Public classColumn
Represents a column of a table.
Public classColumns
Represents the columns of a table.
Public classRow
Represents a row of a table.
Public classRows
Represents the collection of all rows of a table.
Public classTable
Represents a table in a document.
Public classTableFormatter
Contains methods to simplify table formatting.
Public enumerationEdge
Combinable flags to set Borders using the SetEdge function.
Public enumerationRoundedCorner
Specifies if the Cell should be rendered as a rounded corner.
Public enumerationRowAlignment
Specifies the horizontal alignment of the table.
Public enumerationRowHeightRule
Specifies the calculation rule of the row height.
Public enumerationVerticalAlignment
Specifies the vertical alignment of the cell's content.

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