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Create PDF from images, combine multiple images into a single PDF document.

XsPDF .NET image to PDF converter let you convert pictures, photos, faxed images, scanned paper documents to PDF documents. Developers can convert not only JPEG files to PDF, but also many other image file formats (which from scanners, digital cameras, drawing or painting), including JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF. Additional, converting multi-page tiff to a single PDF file is also supported.

Saving collections of image files as separate PDF files or to merge them together in one PDF document is quite easy with our PDF from image library. Batch convert PDF from multiple image formats C# demo is showing below. PageSize is a optional parameter (such as A4, B3, Letter), if you don't input this value, the converted PDF will be rendered with each image size. See more about converting image to PDF in asp.net.

Convert Single Page Image to PDF in C#.NET
// Import a list of images from local file, support jpeg, png, tif, bmp and gif
List<Image> images = new List<Image>();

// Bacth convert images to pdf document, all the images will be drawn in input order.
// Mix image formats (combine single page image and multi-page tiff) to PDF is supported.
PdfDocument document = PdfDocument.ConvertToPdf(images);

// Save and show the document

Convert Multiple Pages Tiff to PDF in C#.NET
// Import a list of tiff images from local file
List<Image> images = new List<Image>();

// Multiple pages tiff is also supported to convert to a pdf file.
PdfDocument document = PdfDocument.ConvertToPdf(images);

// Save and show the document

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