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The easiest way to merge PDF Files. Combine multiple PDF or image files into a single PDF document.

XsPDF is a .NET library used to create and modify PDF documents programmatically from .NET languages like C#. It allows developers to merge two or more PDF files into a single PDF document.

The PDF files can come from SSRS, from some local repoarts, and your PC's disk. Combining a bunch of somewhat arbitrary documents into one, XsPDF make it simple and easy. What's more, batch PDF documents combine is also supported.

The following C# code is a quick and dirty example, but it was enough to get the job done.

void CombinePDFs()
    // Load several PDF files in
    using (PdfDocument oneDoc = PdfReader.Open("file1.pdf", PdfDocumentOpenMode.Import))
    using (PdfDocument twoDoc = PdfReader.Open("file2.pdf", PdfDocumentOpenMode.Import))
    using (PdfDocument outPdf = new PdfDocument())
        // Copy all pages from each PDF document
        CopyPages(oneDoc, outPdf);
        CopyPages(twoDoc, outPdf);

        // Save and show the document

void CopyPages(PdfDocument fromPDF, PdfDocument toPDF)
    for (int i = 0; i < fromPDF.PageCount; i++)
        // Append and merge each PDF page to the new PDF document
        // You can aslo get current PDF page instance,
        // then make some editing on this page, such as add some text or annotation
        // The following is a short demo for adding a line in the page bottom:

        //PdfPage page = toPDF.AddPage(fromPDF.Pages[i]);
        //XGraphics g = XGraphics.FromPdfPage(page);
        //g.DrawLine(XPens.Red, 0, page.Height - 10, page.Width, page.Height - 10);

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