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XsPDFDoc.DocumentObjectModel.Shapes Namespace
Public classBarcode
Represents a barcode in the document or paragraph. !!!Still under Construction!!!
Public classFillFormat
Defines the background filling of the shape.
Public classImage
Represents an image in the document or paragraph.
Public classLineFormat
Defines the format of a line in a shape object.
Public classPictureFormat
A PictureFormat object. Used to set more detailed image attributes
Public classShape
Base Class for all positionable Classes.
Public classTextFrame
Represents a text frame that can be freely placed.
Public classWrapFormat
Define how the shape should be wrapped between the texts.
Public structureLeftPosition
Represents the left position in a shape.
Public structureTopPosition
Represents the top position in a shape.
Public enumerationBarcodeType
Specifies the type of the barcode.
Public enumerationDashStyle
Specifies the dash style of the LineFormat object.
Public enumerationLineStyle
Specifies the line style of the LineFormat object.
Public enumerationRelativeHorizontal
Reference point of the Left attribute.
Public enumerationRelativeVertical
Reference point of the Top attribute.
Public enumerationShapePosition
Specifies the position of a shape. Values are used for both LeftPositon and TopPosition.
Public enumerationTextOrientation
Specifies the orientation of the text in the TextFrame.
Public enumerationWrapStyle
Specifies how the shape object should be placed between the other elements.

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