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XsPDFDoc.Rendering Namespace
Public classArea
Abstract base class for all areas to render in.
Public classDocumentRenderer
Provides methods to render the document or single parts of it to a XGraphics object.
Public classDocumentRendererPrepareDocumentProgressEventArgs
Arguments for the PrepareDocumentProgressEvent which is called while a document is being prepared (you can use this to display a progress bar).
Public classFormatInfo
Abstract base class for formatting information received by calling Format() on a renderer.
Public classFormattedCell
Represents a formatted cell.
Public classFormattedDocument
Represents a formatted document.
Public classImageRenderInfo
Represents rendering information for images.
Public classLayoutInfo
Abstract base class to serve as a layoutable unit.
Public classPageBreakRenderInfo
Rendering information for page breaks.
Public classPageInfo
Provides information necessary to render the page.
Public classParagraphRenderInfo
Represents rendering information for a paragraph.
Public classPdfDocumentRenderer
Provides the functionality to convert a XsPDFDoc document into PDF.
Public classRenderInfo
Abstract base class for all classes that store rendering information.
Public classShapeRenderInfo
Rendering information for shapes.
Public classTableFormatInfo
Formatting information for tables.
Public classTableRenderInfo
Rendering information for tables.
Public classTextFrameRenderInfo
Summary description for TextFrameRenderInfo.
Public delegateDocumentRendererPrepareDocumentProgressEventHandler
The event handler that is being called for the PrepareDocumentProgressEvent event.
Public enumerationPageRenderOptions
Determines the parts of a page to be rendered.

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