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XsPDF.Pdf.Gdi Namespace
Public classFontStyles
Public classGdiDeviceContent
A very lightweight wrapper around a Win32 device context
Public classGdiFont
A thin wrapper around a handle to a font
Public classGdiFontCreator
Retrieves all pertinent TrueType tables by invoking GetFontData.
Public classGdiFontEnumerator
Summary description for GdiFontEnumerator.
Public classCode exampleGdiFontMetrics
Class that obtains OutlineTextMetrics for a TrueType font
Public classGdiKerningPairs
Public classGdiPrivateFontCollection
Installs a collection of private fonts on the system and uninstalls them when disposed.
Public classGdiUnicodeRanges
Custom collection that maintains a list of Unicode ranges a font supports and the glyph indices of each character. The list of ranges is obtained by invoking GetFontUnicodeRanges, however the associated glyph indices are lazily instantiated as required to save memory.
Public enumerationGdiDcObject

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