About our program

Australia has been a strong, consistent and strategic partner to Cambodia for more than 70 years in its journey from conflict to prosperity.

The Cambodia Australia Partnership for Resilient Economic Development (CAPRED) is founded on Australia’s commitment to support the Royal Government of Cambodia’s market-oriented approach to inclusive economic development and pursue regional and global integration.

CAPRED is unique among development programs in Cambodia. We design and trial approaches, gather and evaluate evidence that they work, and develop policies to support their implementation. CAPRED aims to be a catalyst for sustainable transformation. To maximise impact, we focus on identifying ideas, technologies and innovations and scaling them to a national level.

Our primary goal is to help Cambodia achieve resilient, inclusive and sustainable economic growth and development (RISE). Our vision is people centric. We do not just aim to raise incomes and create quality jobs; the changes we produce must benefit all, regardless of gender, ability, ethnicity or socio-economic status. Economic development must extend to marginalised people and those living in poverty and mitigate emerging climate change threats.

What we do

CAPRED works primarily within three technical domains:

There are also three cross-cutting themes that influence all our activities:



Resilient economic growth is stable over time. It absorbs and responds to external shocks, including those from climate.



Inclusive economic growth creates opportunities for all and distributes dividends fairly across society. It raises the poor out of poverty and creates quality jobs.



Sustainable economic development is long-lasting and self-perpetuating. Its effects do not dissipate. There are incentives for the development to continue.


Economic Growth

Economic growth brings a better life to all. It includes both social and economic benefits. It allow people to reach their full potential.

Agriculture & Agro-Processing
Trade, Investment & Enterprise Development
Infrastructure Services
Climate Resilience
Gender Equality, Disability & Social Inclusion
Policy Hub

Funding opportunities

CAPRED offers ongoing possibilities for engagement through contracts for the provision of services or procurement of goods and through funding and grant opportunities.

These are open to all businesses and organisations that match advertised criteria and align with our program activities. Contract and grant opportunities follow competitive processes.

Career opportunities

We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds, and offer competitive salaries and a friendly, open-plan office in Koh Pich, central Phnom Penh.

CAPRED supports gender equality, disability and social inclusion. Women, people with disabilities and other minorities are highly encouraged to apply for all open positions.


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Congratulations to Ms Sorkunthika Srour, Farm Hero Co-founder and CEO, and seven other small and growing business founders on their continued journey with the CNai Accelerator program, supported by the Cambodia Australia Partnership for Resilient Economic Development (CAPRED) program. The CNai program marked its first key milestone with a pitching event. After two months of engaging in business workshops and applied learning, participants presented their business missions and plans for feedback to an experienced panel. This event helped assess their business readiness for the next phase. Watch to hear from CNai participants on their experience and takeaways.

Cambodia Australia Partnership for Resilient Economic Development

The Cambodia Australia Partnership for Resilient Economic Development (CAPRED) is Australia’s flagship economic development program in Cambodia. Funded by the Australian Government, CAPRED is an A$87 million five-year initiative (2022–2027).

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