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XsPDFDoc.DocumentObjectModel Namespace
Public classBorder
Represents one border in a borders collection. The type determines its position in a cell, paragraph etc.
Public classBorders
A Borders collection represents the eight border objects used for paragraphs, tables etc.
Public classBordersBorderEnumerator
Returns an enumerator that can iterate through the Borders.
Public classCharacter
Represents a special character in paragraph text.
Public classChars
Character table by name.
Public classColors
Represents 141 predefined colors.
Public classDdlEncoder
Provides functions for encoding and decoding of DDL text.
Public classDocument
Represents a XsPDFDoc document.
Public classDocumentElements
Represents a collection of document elements.
Public classDocumentInfo
Contains information about document content, author etc.
Public classDocumentObject
Base class of all objects of the XsPDFDoc Document Object Model.
Public classDocumentObjectCollection
Base class of all collections of the XsPDFDoc Document Object Model.
Public classDocumentRelations
Provides relational information between document objects.
Public classFont
Font represents the formatting of characters in a paragraph.
Public classFootnote
Represents a footnote in a paragraph.
Public classFormattedText
Represents the format of a text.
Public classHeaderFooter
Represents a header or footer object in a section.
Public classHeadersFooters
Represents the collection of HeaderFooter objects.
Public classHyperlink
A Hyperlink is used to reference targets in the document (Local), on a drive (File) or a network (Web).
Public classImageHelper
Deals with image file names, searches along the image path, checks if images exist etc.
Public classListInfo
A ListInfo is the representation of a series of paragraphs as a list.
Public classPageBreak
A PageBreak is used to put following elements on a new page.
Public classPageSetup
Represents the page setup of a section.
Public classParagraph
Represents a paragraph which is used to build up a document with text.
Public classParagraphElements
A ParagraphElements collection contains the individual objects of a paragraph.
Public classParagraphFormat
A ParagraphFormat represents the formatting of a paragraph.
Public classSection
A Section is a collection of document objects sharing the same header, footer, and page setup.
Public classSections
Represents the collection of document sections.
Public classShading
Shading represents the background color of a document object.
Public classStyle
Represents style templates for paragraph or character formatting.
Public classStyleNames
Enumerates the predefined style names.
Public classStyles
Represents the collection of all styles.
Public classTabStop
Represents a tab inside a paragraph.
Public classTabStops
A TabStops collection represents all TabStop objects in a paragraph.
Public classText
Represents text in a paragraph.
Public structureColor
The Color class represents an ARGB color value.
Public structureUnit
A Unit consists of a numerical value and a UnitType like Centimeter, Millimeter, or Inch. Several conversions between different measures are supported.
Public enumerationBorderStyle
Specifies the style of the line of the Border object.
Public enumerationBorderType
Specifies the type of the Border object and therefore its position.
Public enumerationBreakType
Specifies the page break in a new section.
Public enumerationFootnoteLocation
Determines the position of the footnote on the page.
Public enumerationFootnoteNumberingRule
Determines the behavior of the footnote numbering.
Public enumerationFootnoteNumberStyle
Determines the format of the footnote number.
Public enumerationHeaderFooterIndex
Index to the three HeaderFooter objects of a HeadersFooters collection.
Public enumerationHyperlinkType
Specifies the target of the hyperlink.
Public enumerationLineSpacingRule
Specifies the space between lines in a paragraph.
Public enumerationListType
Specifies the symbol or kind of numbering of the list.
Public enumerationOrientation
Specifies the page orientation.
Public enumerationOutlineLevel
Specifies the level of a paragraph.
Public enumerationPageFormat
Standard page sizes.
Public enumerationParagraphAlignment
Specifies the alignment of a paragraph.
Public enumerationStyleType
Specifies the type of a Style object.
Public enumerationSymbolName
Represents the type of the special character.
Public enumerationTabAlignment
Determines the alignment of the tab.
Public enumerationTabLeader
Used to determine the leader for the tab.
Public enumerationTextFormat
Specifies the format of a text. Bold, Italic, or Underline will be ignored if NotBold, NotItalic, or NoUnderline respectively are specified at the same time.
Public enumerationUnderline
Specifies the underline type for the font.
Public enumerationUnitType
Specifies the measure of a Unit object.

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