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XsPDF.Pdf.IO Namespace
Public classChars
Character table by name.
Public classLexer
Lexical analyzer for PDF files. Technically a PDF file is a stream of bytes. Some chunks of bytes represent strings in several encodings. The actual encoding depends on the context where the string is used. Therefore the bytes are 'raw encoded' into characters, i.e. a character or token read by the lexer has always character values in the range from 0 to 255.
Public classPdfPasswordProviderArgs
Encapsulates the arguments of the PdfPasswordProvider delegate.
Public classPdfReader
Represents the functionality for reading PDF documents.
Public classPdfReaderException
Exception thrown by PdfReader.
Public delegatePdfPasswordProvider
A delegated used by the PdfReader.Open function to retrieve a password if the document is protected.
Public enumerationPasswordValidity
Determines the type of the password.
Public enumerationPdfDocumentOpenMode
Determines how a PDF document is opened.
Public enumerationPdfWriterLayout
Determines how the PDF output stream is formatted. Even all formats create valid PDF files, only Compact or Standard should be used for production purposes.
Public enumerationSymbol
Terminal symbols recognized by lexer.

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