Convert PDF to Bmp image, each PDF page will be saved as one independent BMP file.

Load your PDF documents and convert them into BMP images with ease using XsPDF .NET PDF to Image library. As a standalone .NET assembly developers can just reference it in your .NET application and start C# coding right away. This online tutorial will discuss how to use .NET PDF to Bitmap Converting Library. More specifically, it will cover how to do PDF to bmp image conversion in C# class project.

XsPDF C#.NET PDF to Bmp converting component allows developers to perform high performance conversions from PDF document to a group of Bitmap image objects using C# programming language. The converted bmp image's dpi resolution and size can be modified by developers programmatically.

// Create a PDF converter instance by loading a local file 
PdfImageConverter pdfConverter = new PdfImageConverter("sample.pdf");

// Set the dpi, the output image will be rendered in such resolution
pdfConverter.DPI = 96;

// the output image will be rendered to grayscale image or not
pdfConverter.GrayscaleOutput = false;

for (int i = 0; i < pdfConverter.PageCount; i++)
    // Convert each pdf page to bmp image with original page size
    //Image pageImage = pdfConverter.PageToImage(i);
    // Convert pdf to bitmap in customized image size
    Image pageImage = pdfConverter.PageToImage(i, 500, 800);

    // Save converted image to bmp format
    pageImage.Save("Page " + i + ".bmp", ImageFormat.Bmp);

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