I have a requirement for a feature for adding text / images to a PDF file in our WPF application.

I am looking for any free / commercial controls that allow the following tasks:

  • identify the coordinates, page location where to drop the text / image (preferably by converting mouse location to PDF/page location)
  • embed text / image in the selected location (currently doable with free PDF api's)
  • undo placed text / image or move it dynamically (latter is preferred)

adding text to a pdf file, adding image to a pdf file


I use the program Livecycle to add interactice text in my PDF's

First I creat the dokument in InDesign then I make it to a PDF. Open LiveCykle insert the textboxes save as PDF.

Then you open Acrobat pro and choose Advanced > Enable User Rights....

In Livecykle you also have the opertunity to insert at imagebox - when the user clicks in the field it opens the explorer on the pc, so you can browse after a JPG picture

There're diffirent options on how the picture should be scaled in the imagebox